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Groundhog Day: Government Shutdown Looms Again

Will there or won’t there? Once again a possible government shutdown looms. According to Amber Phillips at the Washington Post, experts put the likelihood of a government shutdown as possible but not very likely. Phillips outlines 5 scenarios that could trigger a government shutdown.

5. Republicans don’t pass a tax bill by Christmas

4. Republicans try to undo major parts of Obamacare

3. Democrats demand protection for dreamers

2. Republicans and Democrats can’t compromise on spending levels

1. Trump himself

Regardless of the politics, government contractors should take actively steps to prepare for a shutdown. GovBizConnect CEO Tom Skypek wrote a piece for Bloomberg Government nearly two years ago on how to prepare for a government shutdown–“Four tips for preparing your company for a government shutdown.” It’s just as relevant today as it was in 2015.

New 3-Part Webinar Series with Cohen Seglias – “Teaming for Today”

GovBizConnect is proud to partner once again with Maria Panichelli and Ed DeLisle of Cohen Seglias to deliver a 3-part webinar focused on teaming for government contractors.

  • Part I – December 14, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EST: Back to Basics: Understanding the Lingo, Eligibility Issues, and Affiliation Concerns associated with Teaming and Joint Ventures. Click here to register.
  • Part II – January 17, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EST: What’s Your Type? How to know whether Teaming, JVs, or a Mentor Protégé Relationship is Right for YOU. Click here to register.
  • Part III – February 14, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EST: Sealing the Deal: How to Draft Enforceable and Compliant Teaming and JV Agreements, and Successfully Navigate the Mentor Protégé Application Process. Click here to register.

We’ve partnered with Maria and Ed before and are truly excited to partner again to bring great content to the government contracting community. Sign up today!

New Webinar Series with Cohen Seglias – “Teaming for Today: a 3-Part Series on the Ins and outs of Teaming, Joint Ventures, and the SBA’s Mentor Protégé Programs”

GovBizConnect is proud to partner once again with Maria Panichelli and Ed DeLisle of Cohen Seglias to deliver a 3-part webinar focused on teaming for government contractors. The webinars will be held on December 14, January 17, and February 14. Registration links will be available soon. Stay tuned!

Session 1 – December 14:

Title: “Back to Basics:  Understanding the Lingo, Eligibility Issues, and Affiliation Concerns associated with Teaming and Joint Ventures” – December 14

Blurb:  As many government contractors know, teaming, joint venturing, and mentor-protégé arrangements are hot topics!  However, while these concepts are frequently discussed, they are just as frequently misunderstood.   This is because contractors are often unaware of the basic legal building blocks on which these types of relationships are built ,and the situations for which they are intended.

In this beginners-level webinar, experienced Federal government contracting attorneys Maria Panichelli and Ed DeLisle will discuss the fundamental building blocks necessary to understanding the “why” and “how” of small business partnerships.   Maria and Ed will explain what set aside contracts are, how to determine if you are eligible for the federal government’s small business programs, and common pitfalls that can prevent your eligibility for set-aside contracts and adversely impact your teaming/JV opportunities.

Session 2 – January 17:

Title: “What’s Your Type?  How to know whether Teaming, JVs, or a Mentor Protégé Relationship is Right for YOU” 

Blurb:  There are a number of different ways to form small business partnerships. Many contractors confuse teaming, joint venturing, and the formation of mentor protégé relationships. However, these types of partnerships have some major differences and raise different types of compliance concerns.  In this webinar, experienced Federal government contracting attorneys Maria Panichelli and Ed DeLisle will focus on the differences between teaming arrangements and joint ventures, and provide strategies on determining which type of partnership is right for you and your business.

Session 3 – February 14:

Title:  “Sealing the Deal: How to Draft Enforceable and Compliant Teaming and JV Agreements, and Successfully Navigate the Mentor Protégé Application Process”

Blurb:  Now that you know what type of partnership is right for you, what comes next?   While many contractors know about teaming and joint ventures, not as many fully understand the requirements necessary to draft enforceable and compliant teaming and JV agreements.  In this session, experienced federal contracting attorneys Maria Panichelli and Ed DeLisle will cover the right way to use teaming and joint ventures to your advantage.  They will discuss best practices for entering into an enforceable teaming agreement, important clauses you should include in these types of agreements, as well as common pitfalls you should avoid. Ed and Maria will also cover how to form a compliant JV.  Finally, they will discuss how to successfully navigate the Mentor Protégé application process.

Navigating the Summer Proposal Season

It’s Q4 for Uncle Sam and that means the summer proposal season is in full swing for government contractors and contracting officers. When I was a federal contractor, many summer weekends and weeknights were spent in conference rooms putting together proposals. As of this this writing there’s about 60 days left in Q4 and significant contract money will be obligated during the next two months. Your funnel is teeming with opportunities. RFPs are hitting the street by the hour. Despite this, now is the time to resist the urge to adopt the shotgun approach to proposal development. Below are three tips for navigating the summer proposal season each with a singular theme: focus.

  1. Focus on your target market. Perhaps your firm’s target market is in Defense or Homeland Security and an RFP in another department/agency has come to your attention. The services sought match perfectly the products and/or services you provide to Defense or Homeland Security. It’s tempting but this is an opportunity you’ll want to pass on–particularly if it’s competing with resources for other opportunities. Unless you’ve been shaping this opportunity, have relationships with the government customers, and have been planning for this proposal for some time, let this one go.
  2. Focus on your most qualified prospects. These are the opportunities that you’ve been tracking; you’ve been having discussions with the government customers about their needs and executing a comprehensive capture strategy to win the contract. With these opportunities, you have the greatest probability of winning and this is where you should allocate your proposal resources. Focus on those opportunities where you have established relationships, a persuasive value proposition, and a clear understanding of what the government is looking for.
  3. Focus on quality over quantity. Success in the summer proposal season is more about quality over quantity. Your team has scarce resources so it’s best to deploy those resources on the highest probability opportunities and not fractionalize your resources with low probability opportunities. Resist the urge to measure success by the volume of proposals you submit.

GovBizConnect VP Bill Thoet on Game Changers Podcast

Check out our VP for Business Development Bill Thoet on the “Game Changers for Government Contractors” podcast hosted by  and sponsored by Federal Access. In this episode, Bill and Michael discuss changes over the last 10 years and then get into a great discussion about the impact that Lowest Price, Technically Acceptable (LPTA) contracting has had on government contractors.



Washington Business Journal: People on the Move – Bill Thoet

GovBizConnect’s VP for Business Development, Bill Thoet, was featured in Washington Business  Journal’s People on the Move.


Washington Technology: GovBizConnect adds Booz Allen pair and gets new funding

Check out the feature in Washington Technology on the addition of Bill Thoet and Adam Velie to the GovBizConnect team.

Government contractor networking company GovBizConnect has hired a pair of Booz Allen Hamilton veterans to its executive team and closed a new funding round for product development efforts.

Former Booz Allen Executive Vice President Bill Thoet has joined GovBizConnect as vice president for business development to focus on strategic partnerships for the Somers, Conn.-based company.

Adam Velie was appointed vice president for product management and will lead the development and positioning of GovBizConnect’s cloud platform.

GovBizConnect aims to facilitate conversations between contractors on potential teaming relationships and subcontracting opportunities. Co-founder Tom Skypek told Washington Technology in October 2015 the platform lets users set up their profile based on their status as a small business, large business or government employee.

You can read full article here.



Media Contact: Tom Skypek
(860) 341-1925

GovBizConnect Adds Industry Veterans, Closes Funding Round

Two Booz Allen veterans join growing GovTech startup

SOMERS, CONN. – (June 29, 2017) Industry veterans and Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE: BAH) alumni Mr. Bill Thoet and Mr. Adam Velie joined GovBizConnect’s leadership team this month. Mr. Thoet, a former Executive Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton who has served as an advisor to GovBizConnect since March 2016, joins as Vice President for Business Development leading strategic partnerships for GovBizConnect. Mr. Velie joins as Vice President for Product Management where he leads the development and positioning of GovBizConnect’s cloud-based product.

Cloud-based GovBizConnect is the first and only business intelligence and networking platform connecting small and large government contractors. The product features thousands of business profiles, a powerful search capability, and a full suite of social networking features enabling companies to find and contact the right teaming partner.

The addition of Mr. Thoet and Mr. Velie position GovBizConnect for continued growth and expansion. Mr. Thoet ran a $400 million business unit while at Booz Allen while Mr. Velie led multi-million dollar consulting engagements and business development work. “We’re building a powerful team with deep industry expertise in government contracting. Bill, Adam, and I have lived the business problem we’re solving at GovBizConnect. We understand the challenges of finding great teaming partners because we’ve done it and our product reflects that,” said founder & CEO Tom Skypek. Mr. Skypek is also a Booz Allen alumnus.

GovBizConnect also raised an undisclosed round of funding from a number of private investors. The capital from the round will be deployed for product development.

What is GovBizConnect?

GovBizConnect (GBC) enables users to build tailored business profiles based on capabilities, certifications, past performance, and other criteria. Companies can access GovBizConnect on a subscription basis. The company has been featured in Forbes, Washington Business Journal, Nextgov, Washington Technology, Costco Magazine, and identified as a top 100 GovTech brand by analytics firm Onalytica.


Is Government Technology Ready to Transform?

Software has eaten virtually every sector and industry, so why not government?


To the uninitiated not familiar with this unusual anthropomorphism: in August 2011, entrepreneur and investor Marc Andreessen wrote his now-famous piece in the Wall Street Journal, arguing, “…software is

eating the world… More and more major businesses and industries are being run on software and delivered as online services — from movies to agriculture to national defense.”



Today, in 2017, we continue to see this trend play out as seemingly every sector and industry digitizes and is assigned its own “tech” suffix—Fintech, Insurtech, Edtech, Healthtech. Included in this macro trend toward digital is government and its corresponding government technology (aka GovTech) movement.

Read the full article at Onvia.